Response to: we the people can’t forget…

Dear Editors,
I stopped by the Crusader office today and picked up the latest issue. Is Mr. Watt completely insane or just wanting to cause a stir?
To compare slavery to volunteer service is comparing apples to oranges. Slavery was a brutal attack on human rights where people were mistreated and many killed. Making volunteer service mandatory for minors is simply another way to teach young adults responsibility. Although we live in a “free” country, freedom is never free. In order to gain freedom, young adults must prove themselves worthy.
One example is receiving your driver’s license. You must prove that you can take a test and be responsible enough to drive on the road along side other adults who have proved the same responsibility. Requiring college students to do the same should not be shunned as a violation of your human rights, but should instead be looked upon as an opportunity to help out your fellow neighbor.
Lastly, to say that all people on welfare are doing nothing to help themselves off of welfare is an unfair statement. I guess this is just how you decide to look at your neighbor. Are people really good at the core or corrupted? I choose the optimistic approach: most people are good at their core.
I respect the opinion of others, but believe this was an unfair comparison and a ruthless attack on our nation’s president. Thanks for looking at all sides of the issue, Dacee Kentner.