Be a hero by being a good role model

As a kid, my favorite super heros were Batman, Zorro and, of course, my mom. I would always run around the house in the Dark Knight’s cape, and put on a hat and mask and run around fending off evil with the all mighty plunger. Everyone has someone to look up to. Whether it’s someone who can fly at the rate of a speeding bullet, or someone that bakes chocolate cookies for them, our heroes have a very big influence on our outlook on life. The truth is, sometimes we do not realize who is looking up to us. Sometimes it may be a kid at church or a neighbor that watches us outside with our friends. Whoever it may be, our actions can affect someone else’s perspective even if we are unaware that they are watching. George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars universe, had no idea that one simple movie could explode into a phenomenon which has become a staple in most homes across the galaxy. As kids we are taught to dream big and let nothing stop us, and that is why we love to cling to the escapades of Spider-Man and the Caped Crusader. They give us hope and a feeling that everything will be great in the world; that there is always someone fighting for the underdogs. As we get older some of us lose our child-like faith in the greater good. Facing the reality of life, our jobs, families, and other problems weigh us down into believing that no one cares for us, or that there is no way we could make a difference. The fact of the matter is that we carry the privilege of not having to wear spandex tights and crazy costumes, but we still carry the power of change and hope in our hands. If we all gave up hope and believed that the world is a cruel place and things won’t change, then it would self-fulfill that prophecy. Sometimes we just need to dip back into our childhood and have a little more of our faith to persevere. We can make it through these times one good deed at a time. It doesn’t take being bitten by a radio active spider, or being a wealthy vigilante to make a difference. As for me, I will eat the cookies my mom still bakes for me and know that there are still heroes among us.