Baseball: Johnny Griffith’s first love

Saints baseball player Johnny Griffith loves the game of baseball.  To give an idea of just how much he loves the game, the first word he ever spoke was “ball.”  Not mom, not dad, but ball.

He first started playing the game at 3½ years old.  Griffith’s parents said the he was throwing things before he could walk.  That’s 16 and a half years of playing baseball for a guy who just turned 20.

In his time at Seward County, he has been versatile, playing third base and being closer for the pitching staff.

Griffith grew up in Parker, Colo., and attended Regis Jesuit High School in the Denver area.

He always looked up to his mother for inspiration.  He said she was loving, caring and always worked hard to raise her family.  Griffith is a middle child with three sisters and one brother.

Griffith is close to his family, which has always been important to him.  His parents said that when Griffith was 6, he asked Santa for a Winnebago for Christmas so that he could take his family on vacation.

His senior year at Regis Jesuit, he led the baseball team to a 5A state championship and was named the tournament MVP after hitting eight homeruns.

In the dugout, it is important to Griffith to try and set a good example for his teammates.  He is a focused individual and during games will get intense, almost to the point that one might think he is angry.  Those are a couple of qualities that could be used to describe a team leader.

Griffith’s versatility goes beyond the baseball field, though.  He not only loves the game of baseball, but he also loves music.  Not just listening to music, but playing it as well.  Griffith said he loves to play the guitar, as well as the piano.  When he is listening to music, he prefers country, rap or Chris Brown.

He also enjoys art and working out.  His parents said he has always loved animals, especially his chocolate Labrador “Dutch,” which sadly passed away in November.

Griffith is a laid back and carefree individual, but still takes school seriously.

His quest for success expands beyond the baseball diamond and does not end at Seward County.

When he leaves Seward County, he will be headed for The United States Military Academy at West Point to play baseball.  His career goals are to either play baseball the in the major leagues, or to pursue a career in the military.  His drive to be successful is influenced by the desire to provide for his future family.

Johnny Griffith is a man driven to be successful, whether it’s on the field or off of it.  If he is playing in the majors one day, or defending the country, one thing is for certain. Griffith is a leader, and there is no denying his passion for baseball.


Crusader photo/Jose Medrano Johnny Griffith keeps his eyes on the ball during a match against McCook.
Crusader photo/Jose Medrano
Johnny Griffith keeps his eyes on the ball during a match against McCook.