Professional soccer player now a professor


Myron Perry holds up a Major League Soccer ball. Perry played professionally as a goalkeeper for two years before teaching at Seward.

Myron Perry is currently in his second year as a teacher at Seward, but his background is different than the normal path of a college professor. Perry was born and raised in San Diego, Calif. While he was in California, he developed an interest for soccer. Then he decided to pursue a career playing his favorite sport. “I played at a collegiate level at San Diego for a college,” Perry said. “Then, after playing for clubs here and there I ended up signing with the San Diego Sockers as the third-string goalkeeper.” The San Diego Sockers are an American professional indoor soccer team that played from 1978-1996, but recently came back in 2009. Perry played for the Sockers during 1996 before moving on to other teams. “Professionally, I played soccer for two years,” Perry said. “First at the San Diego Sockers and then at Monterey and then for a team in Phoenix.” While at Phoenix, Perry played for an outdoor league, which was different from his goalkeeping days at an indoor soccer team. There, Perry served as the first string goalkeeper. “I left Phoenix to go play for the Jaguars in San Jose. Then they signed a goalkeeper from Portugal, which left me out,” Perry said. After leaving San Jose, Perry went back to San Diego but didn’t play. He coached at a university there for a year before leaving. That brought him to Kansas. In 2005, Perry moved to Pittsburg, where he decided to go back to school. He received his bachelor’s degree in biology and his master’s in cellular molecular biology. Soon after he was offered a job at Seward. While living in Liberal, he has not played much soccer recently. “I have been playing with my kids, but that’s about it,” Perry said. “I broke my wrist (last year) when I played in the league here in Liberal. Third game of the season I broke my wrist and that was it.” Perry is married and his two children are 11 and 6 years old. Soccer is his favorite, but Perry also enjoys playing other sports. “I have been trying to play tennis with Hiran (Gunasekara), and I watch the NFL.” Perry also has an interest in music. He plays the trumpet in the swing band and the French horn in the symphony band. Perry said he would like to see a soccer team at Seward. “I think we should get a soccer team here,” Perry said. “But right now there is no money for it. We would need to have more housing, but as soon as they get those things resolved, and if we were to have a soccer team, then, yeah, I would even coach.” While Perry enjoyed his professional career as an indoor soccer player, he now feels happy being an instructor. “I really enjoy it here at Seward,” he said. “This is the best job I have had, ever. I love teaching and I get to teach microbiology, anatomy and physiology, and nutrition.”