Top ranked player, Saurombe from Zimbabwe takes up challenge at nationals

Ronzai Saurombe is from Mutare, Zimbabwe where he grew up playing tennis. He has been playing tennis for ten years now. He first started playing when he was only ten years old at Zimbabwe at Mantas Tennis Academy. “My parents, my coach Freeman, and other players who have done it before always [have] motivated me. I believe in myself and that I am capable of achieving the best I can through hard work. All [of] that has carried me through from the beginning to where I am,” said Saurombe. To have been selected to go to Nationals means a lot to Saurombe. “I feel so blessed to be among such a wonderful group of tennis players from Seward. I am ready to keep working hard with Coach Jerry to achieve the best we can as a team.” “Being one of the four selected to represent Seward is such a good feeling and I feel so honored to represent such a good school in a big tournament like this with all my team mates,” said Saurombe. Besides playing tennis, Saurombe also enjoys playing soccer and ping-pong. He also enjoys just simply hanging out with friends. To get ready for games, Saurombe doesn’t do anything special. Saurombe said, “After my physical warm-up to get my muscles warm. I enjoy listening to one of my favorite artists, Jay Z, and I enjoy talking to my team mates because I feel so comfortable around them. Laughing with them makes me relax and calm my nerves so I do not feel scared in my match. I love my team and the supporting administration from Seward and all the community members. I am ready to work with all to achieve the best for the team and school.” Going to nationals means that Saurombe will only add fuel to his record that he has carried from his home town, maintaining his top ranking.

Ronzai Saurombe Feature Picture