Opportunity arises for Coyos this season

Paula Coyos has been playing the game of tennis for nine years now. She grew up playing tennis in Tucuman, Argentina. She played at the Lawn Tennis Club. “I was [there for] all of the day to see my old sister practice. And then I started to practice with her,” said Coyos. Coyos enjoys other activities along with tennis. Her hobbies include listening to music and also giving tennis lessons. Other sports she enjoys are ping pong and volleyball. Coyos thanks her family for helping her out. “My family…motivated me. My mother and my father where there all the time. [They] supported what I want to do with tennis,” said Coyos. Before playing, she likes to prepare for a game by focusing and putting music on while she starts to warm up. While participating in this big tournament, Coyos will be representing the Saints and will have a chance to show their hard work and training they have done through the season. Coyos said, “I feel very proud to represent Seward County Community College. We worked hard to achieve as a team.”

Paula Coyos Feature Picture