Lady Saints hold back Cloud County


The Lady Saints faced Cloud County in the Green House Monday night. The Lady Saints defeated Cloud County 54-57, and are 9-3 in the Jayhawk West and 18-7 in the season.

The win over Cloud allowed the Lady Saints to be tied with Garden City’s Lady Broncobusters.

Madison McLain led with 15 points and 6 steals.

The match against Cloud began with a quick lead by the Lady Saints, and they lead the first three minutes of the match. Halfway through the first half Cloud was able to catch up to the Lady Saints and tie the match, 13-13, but the Lady Saints pushed ahead once again. In the last five minutes of the first half shooting problems by part on the Lady Saints allowed Cloud to catch up. The score at the half was 25-21 with the Lady Saints leading.

In the second half the Lady Saints surged early on and kept a lead over Cloud throughout the second half. Although the match did reach points where Cloud County was only a few points away.  The Lady Saints defense end helped keep them ahead throughout the match. The Lady Saints shot 24% from the three point line, while cloud only shot 29% overall.

Saturday night the Lady Saints will be back on the court at Dodge City.