Seward winning record diminishing

It’s been a lose-win-lose-win-lose kind of week for the Lady Saints. Inconsistency is an evident factor coming from the team lately, as they haven’t been able to get back to their winning streak from the beginning of the season. In the beginning, the Lady Saints were ahead of the game and defeating their competition, but now their record is leveling out, now at 12-10, as they get further into their season.

Seward was swept by one of their biggest opponents, the Hutchinson Blue Dragons, 3-1, last week. The Lady Saints started out strong and didn’t let down throughout their first set against the Blue Dragons, but their fiery start failed to carry over in the next two sets.

The match went to four sets, in which Seward made significant hitting errors in the last set against the Blue Dragons and finished with only 28 kills, a season low for the team, leaving them with a negative hitting average of -.007.

The next round of matches took place at Scottsbluff, Neb., against Laramie County. This time Seward leisurely worked its way into the lead and was able to take the first two sets against Laramie.

The momentum of the game was lost in the third set, and the match continued on to five sets. Laramie once again took a set and the fifth became the chance for the Lady Saints to take back the game they had started.

Seward quickly took the lead in the last and 15-point set, and Laramie was only able to get in four points before Seward finished off with a kill from Megan Sharratt. The record for the Lady Saints after their win was 11-8.

Although Seward lost their following match to the Western Wyoming Mustangs, Seward put up a fight in their first match. Both teams were fighting for the lead at 24-24, but errors from the Lady Saints allowed the Mustangs to win the first set at a score of 28-26. Seward fell far behind in the second set, and finished with the score at 25-12. In their third and final set, Seward fell behind once again and never could quite catch up until the teams were neck-and-neck at 22-22, and then the Mustangs finished off the match with the remaining three points, sweeping the match against Seward, 3-0.

Day one might have been a rough patch for the Lady Saints, but the second day of the Wyo-Braska Shootout certainly was not. Blocking was a strong advantage for the team against the Eastern Wyoming Lancers, and the Lady Saints quickly took the lead in the first set and finished with a solo block from Sharratt.

More blocks in the second set helped the Lady Saints draw the lead against Eastern Wyoming, but Seward shortly lost the lead, 21-16. A kill from Carolina Gasparini and several errors from Wyoming gave Seward the win they were looking for.

The momentum picked up in the third set for the Lady Saints, who kept up the lead in double digits and finished the set 25-12.

To close their matches over the last week the Lady Saints added a final loss to their record.

At the end of the second set against the Central Wyoming Lady Rustlers, Seward’s stats exhibited strong playing in regards to hitting, a .225 total for the set, and 17 kills, but that wasn’t enough to put them on top.

The Lady Rustlers took the third set as well, after a well-fought set for the Saints. Seward was able to score and tie at 17, but were unable to put in any last points, and the Rustlers swept the match 3-0 with a finishing score of 25-17.

The Lady Saints’ record for the season is at a standing of 12-10. The Lady Saints’ next match is against Butler in the Green House on Friday.


Crusader photo/Maria Lara The Lady Saints try to block a kill from the Hutchinson Blue Dragons. Seward only recorded four blocks for the game and was swept 3-1 by the Blue Dragons.
Crusader photo/Maria Lara
The Lady Saints try to block a kill from the Hutchinson Blue Dragons. Seward only recorded four blocks for the game and was swept 3-1 by the Blue Dragons.