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The student news site of Seward County Community College

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The student news site of Seward County Community College

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Students admit phone addictions

Students admit phone addictions

Monalisa Chakraborty, Club Reporter
May 5, 2021

A phone falls from a hand and everyone panics. But if a friend falls, laughter fills the air. This is an era where cell phones dominate. Whether it is...

The Crusader crew decided to interview Seward County Community College  students about  shoes. They interviewed about 86 participants all around the college campus to get a wide variety of answers.


Andrea Espinoza
April 21, 2021

Have you ever questioned who has more shoes, girls or boys? Or which shoes are the most used or most popular? Crusader News surveyed students at Seward...

Hobbies are what make up our personalities. there are a milion hobbies that anyone can choose from. Its crazy that just some simple activities show off our personalities.

Hobbies: Creativeness for all

Raven Staten
April 8, 2021

The question for Seward County Community College students was “what’s your favorite hobby?”. However, the answer that was given the most was “I...

Students raced around campus looking for eggs. some hidden obvious places others not so much.

Saints on the hunt for eggs

Students took off as the clock struck 8 a.m. in the search of eggs scattered across campus. The egg hunt consisted of 300 eggs hidden all around the campus.  Wade...

Area high school students are able to enroll in concurrent classes at Seward County Community College. This is when students take college classes that also count as high school credits. For some high schoolers, this helps them graduate community college faster.

Liberal senior takes dual credits at high school, SCCC

Raven Staten, Reporter
March 31, 2021

T aking college courses while still being in high school is not as easy as it sounds, although it can be very rewarding.  Liberal High School, like...

Ireland Caro, a freshman and the Seward County Community College softball team pose together to take a team photo while traveling to  La Junta, Colorado for a game. The Lady Saints won the second game but lost the first one.

It’s a student-athlete thing!

Monalisa Chakraborty
March 10, 2021

Sports have always been a great way of entertaining and gathering people from different parts of the community and the world. Even in Seward County Community...

Students and faculty talk about a women that they admire in their lives. March 8 is International Womens Day something that was started 1911.

Crusader celebrates International Women’s day

Maria Coronado
March 8, 2021

March 8 is International Women's Day.  The event started in 1911 as a means to campaign against World War 1 has now turned into a day focused on celebrating...

Could TikTok be teaching us more than school?

Could TikTok be teaching us more than school?

Maria Coronado
February 18, 2021

School is where students become educated about the world. It is where many get a basic understanding of life skills, but how useful is that knowledge compared...

International students beam, glow at SCCC

Monalisa Chakraborty, Club Reporter
February 16, 2021

International students have always been a part of Seward County Community College, especially in its athletics department. Only one team—baseball—...

All over campus students can  be seen attending classes with the use of Zoom. While some of them say that Zoom is really helpful others are starting to get tired of the use of the application in place of in person learning

Zoom fatigue … it’s a thing!

Krisi Anderson
February 10, 2021

Classes have been in for a month now, including the week of online at the beginning of the semester. However, students still have to do some online classes....

WandaVision turns average sitcom into masterpiece

Krisi Anderson
February 2, 2021

It’s been nearly two years since anything Marvel has come out and the time has come for more. Finally, Marvel produced “WandaVision,” starring Elizabeth...

Halloween is a time where many enjoy eating different types candy. Candy preferences range from super chocalatey to totally sour

SCCC students pick their favorite candy to eat around Halloween

William Swanson, Reporter
October 28, 2020

Halloween holds a different meaning to everyone who enjoys the weeks and days leading up to the day. Some like to visit haunted houses and binge horror...

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