Dancing on the tennis courts

Having grown up playing tennis, sophomore Shaley Thomas is familiar with the game shayleeof tennis and is now shining on the court as a Lady Saint tennis player. Thomas decided to play on the Lady Saints tennis team this year when she was given the opportunity by Coach Darin Workman, who was able to watch Thomas play during her free time with her father. Workman thought Thomas had what it would take to play on the Lady Saints tennis team, and thought she would become a great asset because she is a “quick learner and a hard worker.” “The opportunity arose and I saw it as a great chance to get involved and go through a new experience,” Thomas said. Not only does Thomas play tennis for Seward County Community College/Area Technical School, but she is also on the dance team. Thomas said that it can be hard for her to manage both tennis and dance, but also believes that “it’s totally worth it in the end.” “The coaches and teammates make it all worthwhile,” Thomas said. Being a member of both the dance and tennis team has also allowed Thomas to become friends with a variety of people. Her dance team is filled with Americans, while the Saints and Lady Saints tennis teams are filled with many international players. Thomas said that it is interesting being on a team with international students, and believes “it’s great to see all the diversity and how people from all over the world can come together on one team with merely a love for tennis in common.” Having competed in her first college tennis tournaments in Wichita and Salina, Kansas so far, Thomas has worked hard to become a better player, and recently made it to the consolation doubles championship, losing in a tough tie-break match. “I hope to make it a memorable year and win regionals so we can go to nationals, and improve my tennis ability,” said Thomas on what she hopes to accomplish during her tennis season at the college. The Saints and Lady Saints tennis team will compete against Hesston College here home Sept. 24.