Russian duet

Kate and Levan Gabashvili grew up in Russia but have come to love what opportunities they have here in the states. One of thoseTNS Kate big opportunities is to play tennis for Seward. In the Saints and Lady Saints first tennis tournament of the fall season in Wichita, Levan went far in the tournament losing in the Semifinals to Oklahoma Baptist University 6-8. Kate has also had success early in the season, previously winning her singles bracket in the No.2 spot against Barton County in a third set tie-break. (include infor on the first tournament. … ) While Kate and Levan are having success on the court now, tennis was not a family sport in the Gabashvili family, but nonetheless Kate began to play tennis at the age of 4, while Levan began to play at the age of 5. Both learned the game from their mother, Ana Gabashvili. But they were not the first to pick up a tennis racket. Their older brother Teymuraz, a professional tennis player currently ranked No. 80 in the Association of Tennis Professionals tour began playing at the age of 6.

“It is very good to be here with my brother. He always helps and supports me here.” —Kate Gabashvilis

Kate and Levan look up to their older brother Teymuraz and think it is great that he is a professional tennis player, yet they don’t flaunt their brother’s stardom. “I think he is doing really good. His goal is to be in the top 20,” Kate said about her older brother. Levan, being the second oldest of the three siblings also looks up to his older brother. “I want to be like my brother because he is very kind. I think he is a good tennis player too, but he has problems with his mental game,” Levan said of Teymuraz. Their older brother has not only helped them with their tennis games, but also with school. “He has helped us with school financially and with tennis. We don’t want to be dependent on our brother too much; we are trying to be independent in the states” Kate said, as Levan agreed with her comments. This appreciative and humble attitude Kate and Levan is what lead the Gabashvilis to Seward County.

“Kate is my translator. I need her here to help me. She supports me and always helps me with school and whatever I need.” — Levan Gabashvilis

Levan agreed to come play for the Saints tennis team immediately after Coach Darin Workman contacted him on the strength of watching a video of Levan’s skills. Kate moved back to the tennis courts after laying down her racket for a few years. She had in fact been playing volleyball at Seminole State College. It was Levan who referred Kate to TNS Levon bigWorkman, who then looked at a video of her and thought she would be an assest to the Lady Saints tennis team. Levan and Kate are both very aggressive players who work hard to improve their games on the tennis courts. Sophomore teammate Shawn McWhorter likes how hard working Levan is while playing tennis. “Levan is aggressively optimistic on the tennis court,” McWhorter said of Levan. Lady Saint sophomore Sylvia Perez also likes what her teammate has to offer on the court “Kate is independent on the court and does not give up easily,” Perez said. Coach Workman also sees positives in the Gabashvilis. “Kate is power; she needs to be more patient but listens well,” Workman said. “Levan, though, is very intense on the court and everywhere really. He also takes instruction well.” Workman also had this to say about Kate and Levan: “They do not look alike, I cannot believe they are brother and sister! Levan is more serious on the court than Kate, but she stays more calm.” While Workman easily picked out the differences he sees in the Gabashvilis, Kate and Levan easi ly picked out the positives in one another. “It is very good to be here with my brother. He always helps and supports me here,” said Kate of Levan. As much as Kate enjoys being with Levan at the college, Levan also finds it nice being at the college with her. “Kate is my translator. I need her here to help me. She supports me and always helps me with school and whatever I need,” Levan said. While the Gabashvilis appreciate many things about one another, they appreciate each other’s positive approach in particular. “One thing I appreciate most is that he is very positive. When I am down he helps me,” Kate said. While Levan appreciates Kate’s hard-working attitude. “The main thing I appreciate most about Kate is that she always tries her best at everything,”Levan said. Both Kate and Levan work hard on the tennis courts and in their classes, but each have set one goal while at Sewad County. “I hope to get better in tennis and find a school in New York to transfer to,” Kate said. Levan, however, has set his number one goal in the classrooms. “I don’t want to fail exams. Not just final exams, but all exams,” Levan said. Whether it is succeding in the classrooms or on the tennis courts, the Gabashvilis plan to work hard while here at the college and don’t take for granted the opportunities they have here in the U.S.