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Weak Dayz: Homework vs. Computer

Weak Dayz: Homework vs. Computer

Luis Maritnez, Club Graphic Designer

October 14, 2019

Liberal elementary school encourages bilingualism through dual language program

Pioneers students read daily and take home some books home to read to their families. As part of the Prairie View Elementary School dual-language program, students may read in English or Spanish.

Calen Moore, Co-Editor

October 11, 2019

Students spill into their seats and hear “class take out your pencils.” The next day they hear “clase saquen sus lapices.” Prairie View Elementary school is the only school in Liberal with a dual language program. This program teaches students, both English speakers and non English speakers...

Review: Is “Joker” glorifying violence and mental illness?

The DC comic based film,

Elvis Polvon, Club Reporter

October 10, 2019

If I had to describe the movie “Joker” in one word, it would be: INTENSE! On Oct. 4, the DC comic based film about the infamous Joker, was released in theaters by Warner Brothers.  The movie takes you on a trip about the life of a failed comedian named Arthur Fleck. He feels different and very i...

A Feliz Navidad with the Silvas

Freshman Oscar Silva mashes two cultures - Mexican and American - together to come up with a third one that fits him perfectly. For him, this third culture can best be summed up by Christmas dinner - Tamales or Turkey?

Preston Burrows, Reporter

October 9, 2019

Brisk air and frost covers the dim glow of Christmas lights outside, hanging on the tin roof of a house. Inside the house, a decorative plate that holds a 20 pound turkey would not be seen. Instead, on the dinner table that’s covered in a plastic tablecloth, would be a plate of tamales and a boiling pot of me...

Culture of Central American countries differ from one another

Many different hispanic and latino cultures reside in the Southwest Kansas area, such as Honduran, Mexican and Guatemalan cultures. The unique cultural mix makes Liberal in particular, what it is today.

Annette Meza, Co-Editor

October 4, 2019

In Liberal, about 61.2% of the population is made up of Hispanic or Latino residents. These residents are not just from Mexico, but from Central American countries as well.  The term Central America or Middle America refers to countries that lie in between North America and South America. Such co...

Weak Dayz: Is it puppy love?

Weak Dayz: Is it puppy love?

Luis Martinez, Club Graphic Artist

September 30, 2019

Join the Weak Dayz gang in their next adventure on campus.

Basketball doesn’t define Olanlege

Q Olanlege likes to design vivid images on his computer, then he sends them to his friend, who prints shirts. The Brooklyn, New York sophomore wears his clothes and sells them for $50.

Calen Moore, Co-Editor

September 27, 2019

One thing that stands out about Qaiyoom “Q” Olanlege when you see him, is not just his height or athletic ability, but his sense of style. The Seward County Saints basketball player sat with Crusader news at lunch, surrounded by all of his basketball buddies who paid no attention, for an interview. I promptly pulled my phone ...

Hughbanks imparts wisdom in Q&A

Ty Hughbbanks has taught at SCCC for four years now, though this is his second stent. Hughbanks has traveled to many countries and says that being selfish before you can settle down is important.

Cheyenne Miller, Copy Editor

September 26, 2019

Before the interview could begin with Seward County Community College biology instructor Ty Hughbanks, he had an important question of his own he needed answered: “Can we take a smoke break?” Outside, standing next to a tree, Ty took a few puffs of his cigarette before he was ready to start. De...

Life out of the country

Freshman biology major, Victoria Martins, proudly holds up the flag of her home country, Brazil, as she poses for a picture. Signatures from her friends in America and her hometown, Sete Lagoas, Brazil, paint the flag. When asked for a picture, Martins stated that she was not going to dress nice everyday so anytime would be good. Martins shared some of her culture and also recalled some American culture she found strange.

Preston Burrows, Reporter

September 25, 2019

Right as Victoria Martins sat down, Crusader reporter Preston Burrows could tell she was comfortable. The first question made her hesitate and then giggle: What weird things do Americans do? Martin is from Brazil and answering that question was a slippery slope. She's afraid that she might offend someo...

Students reveal what it’s like at the SLC

Students reveal what it's like at the SLC

Preston Burrows, Reporter

September 25, 2019

Dorm life can be fun, crazy and terrifying all at the same time. Students move from their homes to live with a hundred or so strangers. But eventually, these strangers become your friends. In this first episode of "Dorm Life," Crusader reporter Preston Burrows gives us a look inside the student living...

Muntz starts first year in English department

During her free time, Muntz says she is currently trying to unpack, as shes only been in Liberal a little over a month. She also enjoys bird watching and gardening.

Annette Meza, Co-Editor

September 24, 2019

From growing up in a small town in Iowa, to previously teaching in Bloomington Normal, Illinois, Lori Muntz has made it her next step in life to teach at Seward County Community College as the new English Composition and creative writing professor here.  Muntz tells us a little bit about herself...

Original cartoon, Weak Dayz, features SCCC student life

A new original cartoon will be featured in Crusader. Luis Martinez, a graphic design student, will depict student life in

Luis Martinez, Club Graphic Designer

September 23, 2019

Crusader News has a new, original cartoon featuring student life. Journey through the semester with the "Weak Dayz" gang. Their first adventure is out just in time for the dreaded "early alert" notices.  ...

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