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Destress week helps students relax before finals

Destress week helps students relax before finals

May 3, 2021

Student activities are offering these changes to "destress" as final projects are due and everyone starts studying for finals.

Chemistry students sell soaps to faculty, community members

Chemistry students sell soaps to faculty, community members

William Swanson, Club Reporter
April 23, 2021

Students taking Chemistry II this semester finally put the soaps they’ve been making on the market on April 22 at Seward County Community College. The...

 Students and community members are putting on the first  performance in the college’s theater since the Fall of 2019. The performance will be laid back with singers performing some of their favorite songs from Broadway musicals.

Reviewing the Revue

April 22, 2021

T he Showcase Theater opened its doors for the first time in a year after COVID lockdowns. Now the doors are open once more, though the seats may be limited...

The Crusader crew decided to interview Seward County Community College  students about  shoes. They interviewed about 86 participants all around the college campus to get a wide variety of answers.


Andrea Espinoza
April 21, 2021

Have you ever questioned who has more shoes, girls or boys? Or which shoes are the most used or most popular? Crusader News surveyed students at Seward...

After a year of not having any theater productions, the SCCC humanities will now put on a Broadway Revue. Students former and current have picked songs from various popular shows. The Broadway Revue will be from April 22-24 at 7pm.

Broadway Revue performance set for April 22-24

Monalisa Chakraborty
April 19, 2021

Music is a part of our daily life. It helps us to relax our minds and lift our moods. Seward County Community College brings “Broadway Revue” with...

This semester the SCCC English department is hosting a Celebration of Creative Writing night. It expands on the annual poetry coffee house by adding other types of writing to the event. It will be tonight at 7 p.m. in the band room.

Celebrating creative writers

Maria Coronado, Reporter
April 15, 2021

Looking for something positive to do during COVID stay-at-home and precautions, Pat Mann took Seward County Community College's creative writing course...

Hobbies are what make up our personalities. there are a milion hobbies that anyone can choose from. Its crazy that just some simple activities show off our personalities.

Hobbies: Creativeness for all

Raven Staten
April 8, 2021

The question for Seward County Community College students was “what’s your favorite hobby?”. However, the answer that was given the most was “I...

Style at no cost

Monalisa Chakraborty, Club Reporter
April 7, 2021

Are you in need of an arrangement of clothing, jewelry, hats, or shoes for any occasion?   Seward County Community College’s Phi Beta Lambda students,...

Godzilla vs. Kong premiered at Southgate Cinema 6 movie theaters on Friday night.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Maria Coronado
April 6, 2021

Editor's note: SPOILERS AHEAD Godzilla vs. Kong has been one of the most expected movies of the year. It’s a movie that’s been made before,...

Students raced around campus looking for eggs. some hidden obvious places others not so much.

Saints on the hunt for eggs

Students took off as the clock struck 8 a.m. in the search of eggs scattered across campus. The egg hunt consisted of 300 eggs hidden all around the campus.  Wade...

Area high school students are able to enroll in concurrent classes at Seward County Community College. This is when students take college classes that also count as high school credits. For some high schoolers, this helps them graduate community college faster.

Liberal senior takes dual credits at high school, SCCC

Raven Staten, Reporter
March 31, 2021

T aking college courses while still being in high school is not as easy as it sounds, although it can be very rewarding.  Liberal High School, like...

Ireland Caro, a freshman and the Seward County Community College softball team pose together to take a team photo while traveling to  La Junta, Colorado for a game. The Lady Saints won the second game but lost the first one.

It’s a student-athlete thing!

Monalisa Chakraborty
March 10, 2021

Sports have always been a great way of entertaining and gathering people from different parts of the community and the world. Even in Seward County Community...

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